HDG Oral Care Products

The Hartford Dental Group provides our patients with the finest home care products. They are available at HDG during regular business hours. Call ahead or click here to e-mail your order. We’ll have it ready for pick up during normal business hours.

Breath Rx products fight both the causes and effects of bad breath. These products are effective tools to maintain that professional dental cleaning until your next visit.

Scroll down for our fine oral care products.

  • anti-bacteria_mouth_rinse_33oz

    Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse (33-oz bottle)

    Product Price: $20.00

  • breathrx_starter_kit

    BreathRx Starter Kit

    Product Price: $22.00

  • spray_small

    Anti-Bacterial Breath Spray (2 8ml bottles)

    Product Price: $9.00

  • daily_tongue_care_kit

    Daily Tongue Care Kit

    Product Price: $14.00

  • img_scraper

    Gentle Tongue Scraper (3-pak)

    Product Price: $4.00

  • breathrx_toothpaste

    Purifying Toothpaste-Enhanced Whitening Formula (4oz tube)

    Product Price: $8.00